Addressing Privacy Concerns in Computer Servicing

In light of recent events as covered by CBC News under “We caught technicians at Best Buy, Mobile Klinik, Canada Computers and others snooping on our personal devices“, we regretfully condemn behaviours of this kind, and would like to take this opportunity to address and emphasize our commitment to professionalism.

In the news article, several computer servicing providers including Canada Computers, were put under the “snooping test”, where computers planted with private pictures and hidden monitoring software were sent for servicing to investigate how the technicians handle privacy. Unfortunately, some technicians were caught “snooping around” and it was reported that some even made copies to their personal storage devices.

Some of our staff members, including those operating MCP Team Workshop had previously been employed at Canada Computers as computer technicians at their service department. We would like to hereby clarify that, all of our staff members, especially those who had worked at MCP Team Workshop up to this day, are in no way affiliated to the reported incident, as they had voluntarily resigned from Canada Computers in early-2023 due to concerns with the management and workplace, and the investigation was allegedly carried out in late-2023.

At MCP Group Inc. and our divisions, all of our staff members understand that as a service provider, professional integrity is of the utmost importance, and that we enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards any acts of this kind. In providing computer servicing to our commercial clients and domestic customers, we are upholding the same standards as we have always been, that is to treat your data with respect, and minimize access while getting the job done.

Despite the allegations, it is not conclusive that the technicians in question acted in malice, it still shows us how important it is in staying professional especially when it comes to services that inherits sensitivity. If you need your computer serviced, we at MCP Team Workshop welcomes you, and we also offer on-site services for mission-critical operations. We hope that this incident teaches us all, and helps the industry move forward to a higher level of excellence.